Artem Prysyazhnuk

CEO and founder of HostTracker LTD. He's a passionate entrepreneur with a strong technical background in F#. Artem has been working in the software development industry for over 20 years.
An active combination of doing his favorite business and running his own blog allows his readers to get comprehensive answers to their questions. As an expert in F#, a multi-paradigm programming language developed at Microsoft Research, he is well-placed to talk about all things development related. In addition to this, he has considerable experience in technical support and system administration. Development and technical support of HostTracker was largely carried out by Artem himself.
How to find where a website is hosted

Whether you are a competitor analyzing industry websites, an individual concerned with security, or someone looking to switch hosting providers, 'How to Find Where a Website is Hosted' is the article for you.

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How to check if a website is down

Learn how to check if a website is down and what tools to use. Why is it better to automate this process? Practical tips for configuring the toolkit.

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What is WHOIS

WHOIS is a database and tool to find out who owns the domain name you want or are looking for, how to contact the owner, and when the ownership expires.

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How to check website speed

If you're looking for a website speed test tool, you've come to the right place. Here you will learn how HostTracker tools work. How to check the site loading speed: desktop version and mobile version of the site.

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What is DNS Blacklist

Find out what the DNS blacklist is, how it works. Check your domain or SMTP for availability at DNSBL. Get tips on how to remove your project from the spam database, as well as tips on how to avoid getting blacklisted.

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Website content check

Is your site intact, do your customers see all the information you might want them to? There is a way to automatically check the content of the page, particular words, phrases or even more complicated entities. This helps to make sure that the website is not only available, but works exactly as planned.

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Basic Website Check

Basic website check uses HTTP web protocol, which is actually used by anyweone browsing the web. This kind of check allows one to create a monitoring task, to check a website on a regular basis just as a human customer would do. Although the web nowadays is pretty complicated - and so possibly could be a monitoring task - general features are pretty simple to set up.

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Find out how to check my ping and the best way to check ping speed

Learn in detail what ping is, what it affects, and how to perform a ping test. What tools does HostTracker offer and why are they the best solution? Get detailed instructions on how to set up IP ping tet or server ping test, etc.

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Domain Expiration Monitoring

HostTracker gives you a unique opportunity to take an ultimate control over your website and increase its performance to new levels. Our service features lots of different handy tools that will let you monitor your website activity constantly and be the very first to know when you need to take actions...

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Host Tracker: Site drop notification for business only

No one person is capable of monitoring the performance of a site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Moreover, a resource may be unavailable in another region and there is no way for a manager to track this. And it is to solve these problems that the HostTracker service, which monitors the availability of the site, is designed to do just that. It detects site drops, analyses the problem and sends an alert to the administrator or resource management...

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