Tool to test web server performance and availability

Web server performance is vital to web project stability. And webmasters need to have the best tools available to test it automatically, on a regular basis and from various locations.

Webserver performance testing basics

The performance of a website or web server can be tested, in fact, in three different modes - in normal state, under load and in real time. And if the first two test methods are carried out before launching the web server or after updating the server software, then the last type of testing is necessary to solve webmaster’s daily tasks and quickly respond to emerging problems.

Basic server accessibility testing, as a rule, involves diagnosing accessibility via the HTTP test. Depending on the server response status or HTTP response status, the webmaster can determine the approximate search scope for the source of problems accessing the server. For this, a webmaster usually uses various tools or some services to send an HTTP request online. And a powerful toolkit with HTTP status code checker like HostTracker is usually very useful in this regard.

And server testing under high load or under normal load is basically the same. All the difference is that it is better to conduct a test before you start using a web resource. It will help to prevent potential problems.

Why it is important to test HTTP servers

As it was already stated, HTTP health check of a web server or website is really useful in solving accessibility problems. Most of the time if a website is unavailable due to server malfunction, status of website shows an error code which gives a clue to where to look for the source. Simply put, a webmaster will be able to send HTTP requests and read through HTTP responses from hosting itelf.

As it was said, a useful HTTP load test tool like HostTracker will provide its user with a lot more information about the state of the site. Such a tool will help to precisely deal with website monitoring routines and fix various occuring problems ASAP.

It is very useful because with HTTP load speed testing a webmaster will spend less time searching for the cause. And the same way users will be able to access a website or server quickly after it went down. So, speaking in very basic words, website or web resource’s uptime will decrease less.