Advanced WHOIS domain lookup tool

WHOIS is a commonly used tool designed to find all required domain-related information about a particular website. It is a highly useful tool that helps in finding critical domain information (the date of registration or release of the domain, the contacts of the domain owner).

Basic WHOIS info

WHOIS is required to work with domains and all over the Internet. This is the main service for checking domain information from website. For example, if you want to know the availability of a domain name, WHOIS lookup domain search will tell you if the domain is available or not. And if so, with WHOIS website owner lookup you will be able to find its owner even when this domain expires. Simply put, it is a basic tool that must be used during the website creation process.

In addition, during registration of a domain name, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or ICANN requires your domain name registrar to submit your personal contact information to the WHOIS registry database. Once your record appears in this online domain WHOIS directory, it will be publicly available to anyone who chooses to search domain names with the domain WHOIS tools.

WHOIS website lookup servers work with distributed and centralized database models. The centralized server includes complete information and gives complete answers to the request, while the distributed one redirects the user to the registrar. Sometimes this happens automatically, sometimes manually. And this lookup service will almost instantly respond with a complete WHOIS status report.

WHOIS domain info

In a nutshell, WHOIS is a network protocol based on the TCP protocol. Today, WHOIS is used to obtain details about a domain name. The original purpose of the WHOIS system was to enable system administrators to look up the information of other IP addresses or personal data of domain name administrators.

The information provided by WHOIS website lookup response includes a lot of useful names, including both the server name, the domain registrar WHOIS name, and the register’s address with a phone number. In the WHOIS database you can find out the date of registration and its end, as well as the registrar where the domain was registered. Among other things, the WHOIS service shows information about the IP address.

HostTracker WHOIS service’s tool to check WHOIS domain owner and all the other domain search WHOIS info tells the data about its registrar, its accessibility, its current owner and such. So you will be able to easily find everything about IP or website, thanks to WHOIS data disclosure policy. Contact info of the current domain might be invalid due to the fact that the register can not edit it until domain renewal.


Considering all the above, WHOIS is an easily understandable thing. But usually all the info about it sounds a bit complicated for a novice, so it’s important to summarize everything in simple words.

What is WHOIS?

WHOIS is a TCP-based protocol designed to request all the data about domains and IP addresses, their status, expiration date and their respective owners. It works with world-wide ICANN databases that contain all the aforementioned data.

How does WHOIS work?

WHOIS is a database search tool which scans domain databases and checks the status of particular domain names, WHOIS search response provides all domain-related information to the user.

How to use WHOIS?

To use WHOIS you need to run the “whois” command via Terminal or Command Prompt. Alternatively, you can visit related search websites like IANA WHOIS Service.

What is a WHOIS database?

WHOIS database is a database which contains all information about registration and registrars provided by the ICANN branch in a particular region.

What is WHOIS lookup?

WHOIS lookup is an easily usable command to initiate access to WHOIS databases. Users can use this command even via basic Terminal or Command Prompt apps, which are included in every OS. Or it can be initiated via online services.