Website speed test checker

It is important to strive to improve website loading speed and be sure to control it with available means. To deal with it, use a proper tool to check your website speed and analyze its changes on a regular basis.

How to speed test website

In general, a site that does not annoy the user should be considered fast. Resource pages should load quickly enough - at least not worse than that of the main competitors and on average over the Internet. To check website speed in basics, you can use the available services. The most popular ones are Ookla's Speed Test and Google's PageSpeed Insights. Such services check the loading speed on desktops and mobile devices, and also offer recommendations for speeding up the loading of the website.

But at the same time, it is not advisable to test speed website using only one service. Since the results of the test are not always accurate, and too many factors affect the page loading speed. In addition, sometimes you need a tool for more comprehensive and detailed diagnostics of page loading speed, such as HostTracker and similar platforms for monitoring websites. They provide more detailed analysis about test speed of site and are more suitable for professional webmasters for site speed test.

Website speed importance

Overall website load speed is one of the key indicators of the website. Positions in search results and sales conversion depend on it. This means that page loading speed is a competitive weapon and the basis of success on the Internet.

According to statistics and research data, a site load speed must be around 2-3 seconds. And over 60% of users expect pages to load in less than 4 seconds. So as a website owner you should control the website's performance with the help of specialized tools and take measures to speed up page loading.

Furthermore, website page speed is one of the factors considered by various ads and search rankings. And Google has stated it way back in 2010. And every year the importance of the page speed indicator only grew. Since search engines directly measure the loading speed, increasing the priority of fast sites. In addition, users visit a slow site less often. And search engines also monitor traffic, lowering the rating of rarely visited websites.

Taking measures to speed website loading of the site yields results in the form of promotion to the top of search and advertising, growth of attendance and increased sales. It is necessary to control page speed thus improving its useability for users.

How site speed affects its promotion

Website loading speed directly affects search and advertisement rankings. That is, conversion and other related business parameters - ROI, LTV, sales - are also tied to performance. Therefore, website promotion does not take place without usability optimization, and usability always includes page loading acceleration. Because the slower a website loads, the worse it will rank in search and advertising results. So it is important to provide constant websites speed test to improve it.

The behavior of users also depends on the website loading speed - the faster the site loads, the higher the probability that the visitor will stay and perform the target action. Over 70% of Internet users admit that website speed affects the probability of a confirmed purchase - and this is the most important indicator for business web sites. The faster it loads - the better the likelihood of a purchase will be. And that’s also a reason to test page speed as frequently as possible.

How to test website speed

To provide proper website loading speed test, it is a must to carry out a whole range of diagnostic measures, not basic pagespeed mentioned before. Given all of the above, to check site speed manually, a webmaster will need a lot of time. Therefore, it is vital to automate the test site speed process. Especially when you need to test site loading speed not from a single location, but from several locations around the world.

You can use the HostTracker service, which is primarily intended for daily 24/7 monitoring of a website or server. If you use this service’s site speed checker, it will allow you to carry out many checks in a short time and at once. Coupled with the statistics service provided by this service, it will be easy to check various metrics to prevent problems with loading speed.

Mobile page speed test importance

Considering overall website loading speed importance, there is one more vital thing - mobile devices. Considering that in 2019 Google switched all rankings to the Mobile First priority, it became important to provide website speed testing from various devices, not only from desktop devices, Google now gives priority to websites that have a fast loading mobile version with high performance.

Since website load speed on mobile devices also needs to be a priority, it is important to use services that support site speed check feature with devices’ emulation. At the same time, most of the services available to a casual user do not cope with website test speed in such a manner. Therefore, when choosing monitoring tools to page speed test website, it is best to choose HostTracker. Because it has this function available to the user. So you will be able to provide testing for your website from different devices.