Check IP blacklist tool

DNSBL IP Blacklists are databases designed to provide a secure and spam-free environment to the Internet. And it is useful to have the best tool available to check whether a certain domain or IP is present in one of those DNS blacklists.

What is IP DNS blacklist checker

Sometimes a situation may or may not arise when your site gets on the DNSBL due to spam or other reasons. And this is especially critical if your site has been blocked by a DNS blacklist with a solid reputation. Because small DNSBLs, like many provider-related blacklists, are in sync with them. So it's important to check IP for blacklist presence and prevent such problems. Or at least be fully prepared in case of problems.

Thus it is convenient to do an DNSBL check to know whether a website was included in such a blacklist or not. And there are a lot of services all over the Internet with IP address blacklist check tools. Those are very useful if you want to be sure that your website is not in those lists.

For example, HostTracker or DNSBL Information services. Those toolkits will initiate blacklist IP check and scan all DNSBL databases. It is indeed simple and HostTracker can even check blacklist IP automatically. So, in simple words, basically every DNSBL checker scans databases of various blacklist services and checks whether there is a website or IP present there.

What is DNSBL list

DNSBL or DNS blacklists sites are simply Internet databases with a list of hosts stored. Those blacklists are using the DNS system and are very convenient to prevent spam. In most cases, they work on a simple principle - the server accesses the DNSBL and conducts a check for the presence of the IP address from which it receives the message. If blacklist IP address check proves that address is in this list, then it is not accepted by the server, and a corresponding message is sent to the sender.

There are a lot of DNSBL lists. But some, over the years of existence, have gained a reputation and some weight. The main criterion is practicality. If the DNS blacklist sites list really allows users to filter out spam or other unwanted actions, various services start using it. But the consequences of widespread usage can be very diverse, and any website might be included in those DNSBLs.

The latter is one of the most vital disadvantages of using DNSBL is the possibility of getting into this blacklist sites of completely legal mail servers, for example, the server of some Internet provider or some company, for the reason that they, in fact, not being a spammer, transmitted spam sent through themselves. any computer on your network.

Why spam DNS blacklist might include a website

DNSBLs are usually very large, even local ones include thousands of websites. And during the blacklist check IP you may find through search that your website is in one of those blacklists. So if your site is included and you found it using DNS blacklist lookup, it might be because of the three common reasons.

First reason to include IP address in the list is suspicious mail server activity. It can be just the intensity of sending emails, or something more interesting - its distribution over time, the use of repeating mailing lists, etc. Many hosting companies that offer their clients the services of a built-in mail server have long been registered in such lists. Therefore, with a serious approach to business, it is not recommended to use these block listing servers.

The second reason to blacklist DNS is mail servers with incorrect settings. Although the criteria for correctness may change over time, it may simply be the absence of some important entry in the server settings that the compiler of the DNSBL specified. Or open ports. Or the possibility of an OS vulnerability on a given server.

The third reason to include a website in IP DNS blacklist, of course, is complaints from customers of the website or service. Starting from simple complaints about the website and ending with appeals to the hoster or owner of the site. However, as a rule, if such requests are left unattended, then the website is more likely to fall into the DNSBL.


If this is the case and you find that users are not receiving mail from your website, then your website has definitely been included in the DNSBL. And if you are new to working with websites, do not know what to do in such situations and all the information above was not clear to you, then all questions can be answered in simple words.

What is DNSBL

Basically, DNSBL is a blacklist that includes websites which were suspected in spamming or other inappropriate deeds. It means that mail from the included website will be marked as spam by all mailing services. And it can blacklist almost any website for a lot of reasons.

How do I get off an DNSBL

To get off a DNS blacklist database, a website owner must send a removal request to a DNSBL admins or do a simple procedure of removal. It is better to do it as soon as possible because mailing services are not synchronizing with DNS blacklists instantly and it may shorten the procedure.