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Web risk online checker service

Security management of sites is obviously in the area of responsibility of their respective owners. The one responsible for the website and its safe reputation is no one else but its owner. Security regulations were included in Google Web Risk control. Google literally works as the Internet ‘law enforcement’ database and checks urls for malware, bloatware, phishing links, deceptive content and other security issues.

As soon as parsers find something on the website, they include the said website into the ‘unsafe websites’ web risk list and basically block it. Of course, even google web risk can’t guarantee that there will be no mistakes in the judgment from their webrisk systems, so website owners should keep in touch with the condition of their websites and make sure they’re not in those lists due to the mistake made by them or by Google.

Web risk checker solution

Web risk detection is the responsibility of the website owner or the webmaster. Because Google risk api does literally not discriminate and marks websites as unsafe as soon as it finds traces of unsafe activity. Therefore, to keep the website away from web risk lists, you need a practical and powerful tool to monitor the situation. 

HostTracker monitoring service designed by our team offers solutions for the risk management - web risk checking tools available for its users. This api designed by the platform's engineers is integrated with Google web risk api and searches for the website’s presence in its lists. And if our platform finds the said website in danger lists, it will send a notification message to the webmaster.

Web risk scanner advantages

Our HostTracker tool for risk monitoring that’s integrated with Google databases is literally looking through risk lists in search of the specific designated website. It greatly helps with web risk prevention and website promotion. Because the lesser the time the site spent in ‘risk list’, the lesser harm its reputation will take and the lesser potential financial and reputational losses will be for the website and the business linked to it. 

Web risk monitoring automation

Web risk monitoring can be considered as properly working only when it’s set up to work in a fully automated mode. And our HostTracker service allows precisely that - its users can set up a round-the-clock monitoring routine. And the system’s instant alerts will send notifications to the person responsible for the website’s maintenance as soon as the worst happens. This way you’re ensuring early threat detection and fast situation resolution, therefore lowering the risk of losing the website’s reputation in case of the website appearing in Google web risk lists.

Web site risk prevention

Web risk issues occurring with the website must be resolved as soon as possible. Our HostTracker platform’s instant notifications system serves exactly for that purpose. It can send alerts via a wide variety of messengers as well as using phone calls and SMS messages to have all persons responsible informed about occurring issues as soon as they happen. This greatly affects response time in emergency situations and lowers the risk of suffering losses to minimum.

Web risk testing ease-of-use

Checking the web risk of the website with the toolkit designed by our HostTracker team is really convenient. Every user, professional webmaster or novice website owner, can test any website with ease, thanks to the user-friendly dashboard available at the platform that was designed with ease-of-use in mind. All that one needs to know to execute the risk check tool is the one of the two things about the website that needs to be checked - either the website's IP address or domain name.

Constant google webrisk checking

All of the HostTracker visitors can use our web site risk analysis free tool available at the platform’s ‘Instant checks’ page. But only registered users who subscribed to service packages that are including this tool can use this web risk checker automatically to test their websites with full performance. This tool, when you Sign Up, will collect web risk data from Google databases automatically and you will be able to set up alerts and configure intervals between checks.

Web risk protection

Using our HostTracker toolkit to check web risk api google uses to compile the list of risky websites is relatively easy. As it was already mentioned earlier, all knowledge you need to use it, no matter manually or automatically, is IP address or domain name. And our web api risk checker configuration itself is really easy.

  • Sign In or Sign Up and Sign In after registration.

  • At the top left corner of the HostTracker dashboard, press the ‘Add’ button.

  • Pick the ‘Web Risk’ from the ‘Monitoring type’ drop-down menu.

  • Type or copy and paste domain name or IP address in the corresponding text field.

  • Set up contacts for instant notifications in the ‘Alerts’ tab.

  • Configure report frequency and report contacts in the ‘Reports’ tab.

  • Press the ‘Save’ button.

Also, both registered and unregistered users also can execute one-time use web risk checks using either ‘Instant checks’ panel at the HostTracker dashboard or ‘Check site’ button at the top right corner of the main HostTracker page. Both of those tools are fully accessible for everyone and could be used manually without any subscription limitations for free.

Check risk website at HostTracker

If you need a versatile set of tools to monitor your website, also checking web risks along with it, then our HostTracker service is your choice. To start using our platform for web risk monitoring of the website, all you need to do is Sign Up and choose the appropriate pricing plan. All of them are relatively inexpensive, considering their complexity and the variety of tools they include. But it is worth mentioning that not all service plans include automated web risk monitoring in the package of available checks and tests. 

Service plans including web risk monitoring

Web risk checking is not available for all service plans. At the current moment, this particular tool is included only in the ‘Enterprise’ package that costs $99 per month with monthly subscription, $83/mo with six-month subscription or $75/mo with annual subscription. Another package that includes this tool is the most expensive one - ‘Enterprise1000’. It costs $249 per month, $999 per half a year or $1899 per year. But you can still manually use web risk checks even if you opt in for ‘Personal’, ‘Webmaster’ or ‘Business’ service plans that are way cheaper.

Service plans with web risk checking

‘Personal’ is the most limited one and designed for small sites. ‘Webmaster’ has a wider set of checks and supports a larger number of sites. The most balanced is ‘Business’ with all checks available and a limit of 25 sites. And, finally, both service plans that have web risk checking included, ‘Enterprise’ and ‘Enterprise1000’, are unlimited in terms of available checks, tests and additional functions. The only difference between is the number of the URLs its user can add to monitoring routines.

Reasons to Sign Up

With all of the above in mind, Signing Up to our HostTracker platform has tons of benefits, including a variety of checks and tests to monitor site and server stability, as well as using an application designated to check Google website risk lists. Plus, you'll have access to advanced features such as instant notifications to ensure fast response to emergencies. You can sign up, try everything out and choose a paid subscription that best meets your needs and won't hit your budget.