Oleksii Shashenko

Chief Communications and Technology Officer of HostTracker. Alex has been part of the team since the company's early days. His work focuses on business reporting, analysis of database statistics, and system administration. Alex also takes care of communication with the development team and clients.
Alex has been working in HostTracker for more than 10 years. He is an important part of the team, with his work focusing on business reporting, analysis of database statistics (MSSQL and Oracle DBMS), and system administration. In addition to this, Alex also takes care of communication with the development team and clients, implementing new features and addressing requests from users. He is also a practicing business analyst and project manager, which gives him a unique insight into how HostTracker can be improved.
How to Calculate Uptime

Learn how to calculate uptime easily. Our guide provides simple steps to measure system reliability and ensure optimal performance. Boost your website's availability now!

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4xx Status Code Meanings and Roles

Explore the meanings and roles of 4xx HTTP status codes, which signal client errors. This article covers common codes like 404 and 403, detailing how they guide website-user interactions and troubleshooting.

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Web Status Code 2xx Group Explained

2xx status codes mean the request was successfully processed. These codes indicate successful actions, ranging from 200 (OK) to 206 (Partial Content), confirming effective communication between client and server.

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What HTTP status code message means?

Learn more about web response codes, also known as HTTP codes, to identify problems with user requests to the server.

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Essential Gadgets for the Business Meeting

Continue reading to uncover all the essential information for hosting a memorable conference that truly connects with your attendees.

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Recheck strategies to confirm site newly obtained status

HostTracker monitoring system checks sites according to given policy in monitoring configuration. The detected status, UP or DOWN, could be local or temporal, and, therefore, is the subject for verification and confirmation before the next action, an alert or uptime statistics update, takes place. 

Examples of errors such as downtime due to new deployment and configuration propagation (DNS unavailability), local site blacklistting, incompatible environment of checking agent to server technologies, are verified with rechecks from locations of configured geo location.

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What is server monitoring?

A server monitoring service provides constant surveillance of your website to check server uptime and performance.

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What is uptime?

Uptime is a computer measure of system reliability during which a computer or system is operational and has metric as the percentage of time.

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Tracking for Projector-Camera Systems

When you're looking for a Tracking for Projector-Camera Systems, there are many factors to consider. In this comprehensive guide, we will break down the important features and specs so that you can make an informed purchase. Plus, we'll provide some tips on how to use your Tracking for Projector-Camera Systems once you've bought it!

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Monitoring of Video Cameras

Video cameras are gaining more and more applications every year. Besides the security issues, a lot of others, related to house and family care, entertainment, education etc are widely used nowadays.

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Have you checked your website speed recently? If not, you should!

We’re happy to announce that we've finally released “Response time check” tool to diagnose poor website performance. Speed is one of the most important things in website workflow as it affects not only Google rankings but also your visitor conversions. Here in this article: Which components make up page load time?​ How to measure your website response time with HostTracker?

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Why a low uptime may affect not only your revenue, but also your company's reputation?

While you may be spending more time and resources on developing your website, you need to be sure that the core of the website is still performing well. There is a strong correlation between uptime and visitor conversions. Are you still wondering why is website uptime so important? Then take a deeper dive into this...

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