Alex Shashenko

Chief Communications and Technology Officer of HostTracker. Alex has been part of the team since the company's early days. His work focuses on business reporting, analysis of database statistics, and system administration. Alex also takes care of communication with the development team and clients.
Alex has been working in HostTracker for more than 10 years. He is an important part of the team, with his work focusing on business reporting, analysis of database statistics (MSSQL and Oracle DBMS), and system administration. In addition to this, Alex also takes care of communication with the development team and clients, implementing new features and addressing requests from users. He is also a practicing business analyst and project manager, which gives him a unique insight into how HostTracker can be improved.
What is uptime?

Uptime is a computer measure of system reliability during which a computer or system is operational and has metric as the percentage of time.

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Why Your Website Needs Uptime Monitoring in 2019


In a digital world where we want everything right now, a website that is not available at the moment is a website we probably will not go back to in the future. That much should be obvious to everyone. If you are not careful, your website could be sending your visitors to your competitors. So how do you keep track of your website 24/7?


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Tracking for Projector-Camera Systems

When you're looking for a Tracking for Projector-Camera Systems, there are many factors to consider. In this comprehensive guide, we will break down the important features and specs so that you can make an informed purchase. Plus, we'll provide some tips on how to use your Tracking for Projector-Camera Systems once you've bought it!

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Monitoring of Video Cameras

Video cameras are gaining more and more applications every year. Besides the security issues, a lot of others, related to house and family care, entertainment, education etc are widely used nowadays.

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