Active Monitoring
Active Monitoring is the way to check the site performance by simulation of visiting by real users. read more
Availability of a site shows if a site is accessible from the Internet. read more
Configure Clourflare User-Agent
How to configure that requests from Host Tracker agents are not blocked by Cloudflare read more
Content Check
Content check is a way to check the presence of specific info on the page. read more
Database Monitoring
Database monitoring - DB check for access and regular execution of the specified query. read more
Distributed Monitoring
Distributed monitoring is a method of website monitoring when the checking is performed from several locations. read more
DNS - domain name system, a system for locating a web site. read more
Downtime is when your site does not work. It's really bad. read more
HTTP - hyper text transfer protocol, a way to transfer website data via Internet. read more
HTTP methods
HTTP methods define actions, wished to perform to a specific site. read more
Passive Monitoring
Passive Monitoring is the way to check the site performance by server-side software. read more
Ping (ICMP)
Ping is request message for protocol ICMP. read more
POST method example
Example of monitoring a webform with POST method. read more
Quick Start Guide
Ensure your site with HostTracker in 5 minutes read more
Response Time Monitoring
Response time monitoring is testing how fast is your site. read more
Add Telegram Contact
Manual - how to add Telegram contact read more
Uptime is the period of time when a site performs well. read more
Web Hosting
Web Hosting is a service which makes a site available from the Internet. read more
Website is a basic unit of information in the Internet. read more
Website monitoring
Website monitoring is an automated process of checking availability of a site. read more