Quick Start Guide

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1. SignUp and fill the Profile

2a. Enter your sites for monitoring: choose "Web site check (http)" for basic check. It loads html code of the page, measures response time and can perform basic content search. Javascript and other scripts are not executed.

Create http monitoring task

2b. Or, choose "Page speed" for less frequent, but more comprehensive monitoring. This check executes all the scripts and loads the mediafiles. It can better spot slowing of performance.
Create page speed monitoring task

3. Set monitoring parameters. Enter URL or IP of site you wish to monitor (1). Select desired interval (2). If required, select regions from where to check (3). If you have many sites - you can add all of them by clicking "Add list" (4).
Select monitoring settings

4. Register contacts for alerts and reports
Register contacts to receive the notifications

5. Subscribe for alerts
Subscribe for alerts

6. Subscribe for reports
Subscribe for reports

7. When the Free Trial expires, subscribe for a permanent plan
Upgrade your account

In case of any questions, write us to [email protected]