Simplified operations with http tasks
If you work with method which selects tasks via url, you should know that when you create task specifying some url - this url is a rawUrl for task, but real url is formed by some rawUrl transormation:
for http task schema is added if needed (http:// by default) and trailing slashes and hash signs are removed.
This url should be specified in such methods. Use returned value from create task methods for detecting task url.

Authentication for every method performed through AuthHeader Soap header with fields:
  • login - user login, must be specified with password, incompatible with ticket
  • password - user password, must be specified with login, incompatible with ticket
  • ticket - ticket from SignIn API call of user service, incompatible with login, password pair
You should specify only ticket or only (login, password) pair in auth header.
Soap client fault messages on auth. fail:
  • AccessDenied - access to api is denied. Also coused by wrong user billing package
  • IncorrectLoginOrPassword - raised when login and/or password is incorrect in auth. header
  • TicketExpired - provided ticked is expired
  • WrongTicket - ticket could not be decrypted

The following operations are supported. For a formal definition, please review the Service Description.