Пример использования метода POST
Пример использования метода POST Пример мониторинга веб формы с помощью метода POST

Например, есть простая форма:
form action="some-site.com/some-script.cgi" method=post
input type=text name=login value=''
input type=password name=password value=''
input type=submit name='Submit' value='Login'
Пользователь заполняет эту форму следующим образом: login: Peter и password: 1234 и нажимает кнопку submit. Если все правильно, скрипт возвращает "LoginOk" на веб странице.
Для того, чтобы мониторить страницу методом POST, необходимо создать задание с параметрами:

URL: some-site.com/some-script.cgi
Http метод: выберите POST
В поле "POST параметры" введите данные:
В поле "Проверка контента": LoginOk
Итог: HostTracker каждый раз, проверяя страницу, будет заполнять эту форму и возвращать статус OK, если заданное ключевое слово LoginOk найдено.

  • CM.Glossary.WebsiteMonitoring
  • CM.Glossary.HTTPMethods
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Shellshock vulnerability check

Considering the recently discovered Shellshock vulnerability, HostTracker has created a tool for testing it.

Check your server for vulnerability

How does it work?

It is developed for a Linux server with a web server installed on it. The algorithm is very simple. We consequently generate 4 http requests:

  • 1. Ordinary request
  • 2. The request tries, using vulneratility, post a "harmful" cookie which causes 2-seconds delay in respond to our special http request.
  • 3. The request tries, using vulneratility, post a "harmful" cookie which causes 4-seconds delay in respond to our special http request.
  • 4. Same as #3

Results of the test

How to understand the result?

We compare response time for all 4 requests. Three situation are possible:

  • 1. Vulnerability found. We may affirm that if the difference in responses is about 2 seconds for requests without cookie and with 2-second-delay cookie, as well as for requests with 2 and 4-second delay cookie. It means that our request was able to use the vulnerability and set these cookies.
  • 2. Vulnerability not found. All the requests have about the same response time. The cookies, likely, were not installed because there is no vulnerability.
  • 3. Uncertain situation. If the response time differs widely, without coincidence with preset by cookies delay, we can not say for sure. It could be if the server is under high load. To check this, we use two requests with same cookies (#3 and #4). If the response time for two same checks varies, we make a conclusion that the response time is not affected by cookies. At least, not only by them. So in this case our method can not detect vulnerability


Safety of checks


Our test can not damage your server. The risk consists of appearance of one extra-cookie, which is used only for our requests and can not affect normal work-flow of your site.

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