Availability Availability of a site shows if a site is accessible from the Internet.

Availability of a site shows if a site is accessible from the Internet. This term is also about access to a server, database or another entity. As all objects in the Internet are based on comlicated infrastructure, nothing can be available always. The question is how to measure it, what is normal and if we may affect it anyway. The measurement of availability is connected to terms Uptime and Downtime, which show for how long a site is unavailable. However, these values can not create the full view of the situation. There could be many reasons of unavailability - server or connection problems, application error, overload of the site and so on. To avoid or shorter the failures, it is needed to supervise the site and analyze the errors, if they happen. For these purposes there are special monitoring tools, which help to increase to availability of the site, collect statistics and provide necessary information about the errors for fast repair. These tools are called Website Monitoring services.

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The global monitoring system is quite useful -
as most of my outages are really regional outages out of my control. It helps to know this.

- Rick
Integrating Slack with HostTracker: How to set up your account

Integration with Slack lets you receive alerts from HostTracker in your Slack channels.

  1. Sign up at slack.com
  2. Being signed in into slack, visit this page: https://my.slack.com/apps/A0F7XDUAZ-incoming-webhooks and click “add configuration”.

    3.  Select channel (in this case - general) and click “add Incoming WebHooks integraion”:

    4.  On the next screen, you’ll see the URL that is required for HostTracker contact setup. You can also read about additional settings here:

    5.  Now visit www.host-tracker.com, sign in and click “Add contact -> Slack”, insert the URL from the previous section here:

    6.  For basic setup, do not change other fields, default values should work. Save the contact and assign notifications for it: https://www.host-tracker.com/Subscription/Alerts

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